About Ayaansh Leadership Academy


Ayaansh Leadership Academy –
…where dreams take flight and valor finds its voice,
empowering Warriors, forging Leaders,
guiding India’s future defenders,
marching towards a mighty Future.

Pune has been a bed of martial tradition for over 200 years and has also been a hub of education for decades. With its beautiful culture, picturesque geography, and easy living, Pune is well known to be a destination for students migrating from different cities across Maharashtra and other parts of India. Not to forget, HQ Southern Command of the Indian Armed Forces is also located in Pune, & pristine National Defence Academy, a dream for defence forces aspirants, is also a part of Pune.

With no doubt in his mind, the founder and director of Ayaansh Leadership Academy, Major General Ajay Pal Singh, VSM (Retired as ADG Recruitment, Pune) chose Wagholi, Pune, to get this Academy going. After a dedicated experience of four decades in uniform, he felt the need to educate students with the right guidance, to answer a lot of problems faced by youth who wanted to join the Armed Forces. After dedicating forty years to the Indian Army, Major General RS Bhadauria, retired from his roles as President and Commandant of the Bhopal SSB Centre and took up the role of Ayaansh Leadership Academy’s co-founder and Managing Director.

The Vision of Ayaansh Leadership Academy is to “Inspire Our Youth to Reinvent Themselves and guide them Through Their Journey of Realising Their Dream of Becoming Esteemed Indian Armed Forces Officers and serving the Nation With Pride.

Ayaansh aims to provide each student with high-quality knowledge, individualised attention, and exceptionally qualified faculty in all academic areas. The exclusivity of GTO Ground, realistic approach training, and individual leadership attribute development make Ayaansh distinctive.

Ayaansh Leadership Academy offers a number of courses, to including, SSB Capsule Course for two weeks, Mission NDA – a two year Entrance Exam Course for students of Classes XI & XII, a four month course for written examination preparations for NDA/ CDS/ AFCAT/ INET, a short course for improving communication skills and the Agniveer Course.

The skilled staff at AYAANSH has a wealth of knowledge about developing young minds into excellent leaders. Ayaansh Leadership Academy singularly focuses on preparing young boys and girls to become officers in the Indian Armed Forces. In addition, we also stress developing these aspiring youth through communication skills & personality development programs to become responsible citizens of our country, In order to inculcate soldierly attributes from day one, the academy follows a typical military routine and lives a disciplined life for its students.


Maj Gen Ajay Pal Singh Taking NDA Mission Course in Ayaansh Academy.


EX General Officer Commanding 41 Artillery Division
and Ex Additional Director General Recruitment

President of Services Selection Board (SSB) Officer.


Ex Commandant Selection Centre Bhopal and President of Services Selection Board (SSB) at Bhopal

Ayaansh Leadership Academy's Lt Cdr Ansaree Begum (Retd) Indian Navy Teaching Personality Development Subject.

Lt Cdr Ansaree Begum (Retd) Indian Navy

Head of Administration



Ayaansh Academy's Group Testing Officer (GTO).


Group Testing Officer (GTO)

Exp: 20+ Years (3 tenures in various SSB centres)

Ayaansh Leadership Academy's SSB Psychologist.



Exp: 22+ Years (3 tenures in various SSB centres)

Ayaansh Academy's Physics Teacher.

Himja Sangal
Physics & Overall Coordinator

M.E. (Master of Engineering) in Digital

Signal Processing

Exp: 17+ years

Ayaansh Academy's Faculty Member

Daksha Marathe

M.Sc Chemistry and B.Ed.

Exp: 5 years

Ayaansh Leadership Academy's Teacher.

Vidya Patil
Maths & Class Coordinator

M.Sc B.Ed in Maths

Exp: 20 years

Ayaansh Leadership Academy's Teacher.

Sonali Gomase

M.Sc B.Ed in Biology

Exp: 11 years

Ayaansh Academy's English Teacher.

Kavita Yadav
English & Communication Skills Development

M.A in English, B.Ed. (Maths & English)

Exp: 18 years

Ayaansh Academy's Math Teacher.

Mangesh Vhanmane

M.Sc. Mathematics

Exp: 20+ years

Ayaansh Academy's Teacher.
Shreyas Jyotikumar Kadam
Mechanical Engineer

BE Mechanical

Cleared UPSC CAPF AC, CDS thrice, AFCAT.

Ayaansh Leadrship Academy's Math Teacher.
Ayaansh Leadership Academy's Officer Incharge Physical Training & Ground Obstacle Course.

Sub Prakash Kamble

Officer Incharge Physical Training & Ground Obstacle Course

Ayaansh Leadership Academy Officer Incharge Marketing.

Nb Sub Ashok Mengane

Officer Incharge Marketing

Ayaansh Leadership Academy Admin.

Sub Maj Vikas Ale

Hostel Warden

Ayaansh Academy's Hostel Warden.

Daksha Marathe

Hostel Warden

Ayaansh Leadership Academy is a suitable choice for students aiming to join the Indian Armed Forces, as they offer a combination of SSB training, leadership development, and academic support along with Personality Development, Communication Skills & Physical Fitness.
Come one, come all, we are here to give you the wings of fire.

गर जज़्बे में हो जुनून रूहानियत का,
तो हर मुश्किल आसान होवे।
हाँ, तुम्हीं आज का जुनून हो,
कल का सुकून हो,
इस देश का भविष्य हो।
सम्मान और गौरव की राह पर चल पड़े हो तुम,
हम तुम्हारी कमियों को भरना चाहते हैं,
तुम्हारे हुनर को मजबूत बनाना चाहते हैं,
के तुम जैसे महान पुरूषों की नीव पर ये देश,
हमारी मातृभूमि, और ज्यादा बुलंद खड़ी रहे।
झंडा ऊंचा रहे हमारा,
विजयी विश्व तिरंगा प्यारा।