Ayaansh Leadership Academy takes immense pride in furnishing its students with unparalleled facilities. Notably, the academy prides itself on providing the best facilities to its students, encompassing top-tier instructors, cutting-edge infrastructure, meticulously crafted training content, and a regimented routine.

Guided by the expertise of two Major Generals, each boasting 40 years of uniformed experience, the academy’s leadership stands strong. Their guidance is fortified by the support of two Colonels, a Lieutenant Commander from the Indian Navy, three Junior Commissioned Officers, and a faculty of proficient subject experts.

While the curriculum remains centred on vital syllabus aspects, students also actively engage with the vibrant life of the Defence Forces. Additionally, they partake in personality refinement and communication prowess training—attributes pivotal for aspiring officers in the Armed Forces.

Mimicking military life, the students adhere rigorously to a structured daily schedule. This schedule comprises punctual rises, rigorous physical training sessions, recreational activities, focused evening study periods, scheduled meals, and a disciplined lifestyle. In line with this, mobile phone usage is curtailed through appropriate regulations.

Within the academy’s premises, modern, spacious, and well-ventilated classrooms equipped with cutting-edge tools facilitate enriched learning experiences for students. Moreover, by maintaining a 30:1 ratio, the academy prioritises an effective student-teacher connection.

The hostel, furnished with essential amenities, ensures comfortable living. Notably, expansion is underway through the addition of a new building. This expansion will grant separate accommodations for male and female students.

A seasoned caterer ensures that delectable, wholesome meals are delivered regularly. In doing so, they present a diverse menu that caters to varying preferences. The mess and dining hall, conveniently situated within the academy’s premises, encourage students to uphold proper dining decorum.

Notably, the Ayaansh Leadership Academy boasts Pune’s sole comprehensive GTO ground. This expansive, two-acre site caters to all necessary tests for the SSB Interview. Regular practice on this ground refines students’ physical prowess and skills, ultimately contributing to their holistic growth.

Ayaansh Academy's Students in Classroom.
NDA Students with Maj Gen Ajay Pal Singh.
Maj Gen Ajay Pal Singh's Session with Students.
Personality Development Lecture.
Teacher Solving Students Queries.
Chemistry Lecture at Ayaansh Leadership Academy.
11th Class Lecture at Ayaansh Academy.
NDA Aspirants Pledge at Ayaansh Leadership Academy.
Ayaansh Academy's 12th STD Classroom .
11th STD Ongoing Lecture at Ayaansh Leadership Academy.
Ayaansh Academy's SSB Training on Ground.
Ayaansh Academy's 11th NDA Students Training on Ground.
Ayaansh Academy's Girls Defence Training on Ground.
Girls Defence Training on Ground.
11th NDA Students Ground Training.
NDA Students Physical  Training on Ground.
Physical Training for NDA Students on the Ground.
NDA Aspirants Physical Training on Ground.
Ayaansh Academy's Defence Training on Ground .
Ayaansh Academy's Defence Training on Ground.
Ayaansh Academy's Boys are having a meal in the hostel.
Girls are studying in the hostel.
Ayaansh Academy's Girls Hostel.
Ayaansh Academy's Food Court For Students.
Students are reading newspapers in the hostel.
NDA aspirants from Ayaansh Academy playing games in the hostel.
Ayaansh Academy's Girls are having a meal in the hostel.
11th STD NDA Aspirants Reading Newspaper at Hostel.
NDA Aspirants Entertaining at Ayaansh Academy's Hostel.
NDA Aspirants Have a Good Time at Ayaansh Academy's Hostel.