Personality & Communication.


Basic Spoken English Course :

This will be a six-month course for those students, whose basic English knowledge is poor, like sentence construction and grammar.

Duration – 6 Months (Oct to Mar | Apr to Sept every year).
Time – 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon.

Advanced Spoken English Course :

This will be a three-month course for those students who need to polish their English-speaking skills, to include diction, pronunciation, vocabulary, public speaking, and group discussion.

Duration – 3 Months (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct).
Time – 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon.

Personality Development and Communication Skills :

The aim of this course is to make the students realise their strengths and weaknesses, thereby initiating a process of transformation, enhancing their overall confidence, and giving them a positive outlook on life.

Duration – 6 Weeks (Running around the year).

Week 1:

A) What is Personality Development ?

B) Types of Personalities.

C) Motivate Yourself.

Week 2:

A) Make a good first Impression.

B) Conversational Skills.

C) Effective Leadership & Quality Skills.

Week 3:

A) Communication Skills.

B) How do our mental filters operate?

D) How to Express, Control Anger, & Avoid conflict.

Week 4:

A) Smile.

B) The most common Communication Barriers.

C) The Subtle art of giving feedback.

Week 5:

A) How do you deal with difficult people.

B) How to have a unique and memorable Conversation.

C) Public Presentation.

Week 6:

A) Personality Development-Tips.

B) Group Discussion.

C) Discipline.

Time – 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon.
Eligibility :
  • The program is open to all students enrolled in courses at Ayaansh Leadership Academy.
Age Requirement : 16-24 Years.
Batch Size: 30 seats.
Schedule: The capsule is conducted throughout the year. Twice a month.
Registration Date : as per the curriculum selected.
Course Facility : The availability of hostel facilities indicates that students from different regions can join the program without worrying about accommodation.
Personality Development Course Batch Photo With Maj Gen Ajay Pal Singh.
Guest at Ayaansh Leadership Academy.
Guest of Honor at Ayaansh Academy.
Communication Session at Ayaansh Academy.
Personality Development Lecture at Ayaansh Leadership Academy.