SSB Guidance

SSB Training at Ayaansh Leadership Academy :

Duration – 2 Weeks.

Our Mission:

To help you reinvent yourself & guide you through your journey to join the Armed Forces as officers.

  • It is open to students who have qualified for all UPSC entrance exams or get shortlisted for various entries for SSB.
SSB Module:
  • The program is specifically designed to familiarise you with the 5- day SSB procedure in detail and make you practice all aspects of the SSB interview, and mentor you in your effort to achieve your goal.
  • The capsule focuses on Psychology tests for five days, Group Testing Officer tasks for four days and personal interviews, current affairs and personality development aspects for four days. The vertical is headed by Major General RS Bhadauria and his team of Col Sudhir Deshpande (Psychologist) and Col Prashant Kamath (GTO)
What We Offer:
  • Experienced faculty – Interviewing Officer (IO), Group Testing Officer (GTO) and Psychologist.
  • Scientifically prepared training material & syllabus to suit your requirements.
  • 13-day, uninterrupted guidance and mentoring.
  • Mock tests and one to one guidance.
  • Well laid out infrastructure for training and administration.
  • Continued guidance and follow up until you appear for SSB.
Our Facilities:
  • Ergonomically laid out, State of the Art training center.
  • Exclusive GTO ground, with all the training aids and necessary equipment.
  • Comfortable and well-furnished hostel accommodation. Separate floor for girls.
  • In-house kitchen, with nutritious and sumptuous meals.
  • Centrally located and approachable facilities, at Wagholi, on the Pune-Ahmednagar highway.
Our Training Philosophy:
  • Well balanced training schedule – equal focus on all the techniques (IO, Psych, GTO).
  • Gradual build up and sustained learning, under professional guidance.
  • Adequate opportunities for practice, mock tests and on the spot evaluation.
  • Helping in self-evaluation and identifying strengths and weaknesses – initiating the process of positive change.
  • Encouraging logical reasoning and help develop ability to find solutions (Why and NOT How).
  • Personalised attention, continuous support and follow up.
13 Days Schedule at a Glance(09:00 AM to 02:00 PM):
  • Day 1 (Mon). Reception & Registration (09:00 AM to 09:30 AM); Welcome Address, Introduction to 5-day SSB procedure, PIQ Form filling.
  • Day 2 (Tue). GTO Module.
  • Day 3 (Wed). GTO Module (outdoor).
  • Day 4 (Thu). GTO Module.
  • Day 5 (Fri). GTO Module.
  • Day 6 (Sat). Interview Module.
  • Day 7 (Sun). Self Study.
  • Day 8 (Mon). Psych Module and Screening Test.
  • Day 9 (Tue). Psych Module.
  • Day 10 (Wed). Psych Module.
  • Day 11 (Thu). Psych Module.
  • Day 12 (Fri). Psych Module and Screening Test.
  • Day 13 (Sat). Interview Module. Closing Address. Departure.
Batch Size: 30 Seats.
Schedule: The capsule is conducted throughout the year, twice a month (you can select dates as per your choice).
Registration Date: Ongoing continuously.

Ayaansh Academy's NDA Training Ground.
NDA Training on the Ground.
Ground Training by Ayaansh Academy For SSB Guidance.
NDA Training Session on Ground.