Why Join Armed Forces


Indian Armed Forces officers Parade.

It’s Not a Job. If you want to join the Indian Armed forces, you should join for passion and not for a job. IT IS A WAY OF LIFE.

Respect and Izzat. Join it for the love of the uniform, for the respect and izzat that come with it.

Adventure. Adventure is a part of life in the defence forces, be it on the ground, air or in the water. You have enough of it.

Games and Sports. Whether you are a novice or a professional, no other organization provides you with as many opportunities to learn and pursue your favourite games and sports. Many of your national sports icons are from the Armed Forces.

Disciplined Life. Armed Forces life is about discipline and ethos. When you join, you become a soldier for life. You start valuing not only your time but that of others.

Camaraderie. When you join the Armed Forces, you forge lifelong relationships, and camaraderie comes to you naturally. Your unit, your colleagues and the men you command become your family.

Work-Life Balance. In the Armed Forces, you work hard, but play even harder. You learn to live a life of fulfilment and not just for existence.

Quality of Life. The Armed Forces are well paying and come with a lot of perks and privileges. While you toil in fields and remote areas, you get exposed to the best in your peace tenures, be it clubs or sports or adventure.

You Stand Out. As an Armed Forces officer, you stand apart even in a large crowd because of your personality, your conduct; the professionalism and confidence that oozes out of you.

Nation First. When you join the Armed Forces, for you the nation comes first, patriotism runs in your blood, what matters for you most is Humanity and the only religion that you follow is that of your troops (the men you command).